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Software Supply Chain Attackers Targeting Banks, Checkmarx Says

Two banks earlier this year were the targets of open source supply chain attacks, the first of their kind in the industry ...
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Elevate Cybersecurity Resilience With PCI-DSS 4.0

Earlier this year, the PCI Security Standards Council revealed version 4.0 of their payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS). While organizations won’t need to be fully compliant with 4.0 until March ...
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Phishing for Financial Fears

Phishing for Financial Fears

Over the last 4 days (as of the writing of this blog) the federal government has seized the assets of […] ...

Global Bank Uplifts Insider Risk Maturity Through Contextual Visibility at Scale

The financial services sector is prone to insider abuse and data misuse, including fraud. For global banks and other financial institutions, the cost of a security incident can quickly add up to ...
The Optus Breach: How Bad Code Keeps Happening to Good Companies

The Optus Breach: How Bad Code Keeps Happening to Good Companies

| | Cybersecurity, data, Finance, security
First, let me be clear that I have no insider knowledge. This is my best guess at what occurred, based on publicly available information here and others indicated in references section below.On Thursday ...
How the typical pig butchering scam correspondence starts.

5 tips for spotting and avoiding Pig butchering scams

A new type of scam, called “pig butchering” is gaining momentum. Pig butchering is a unique scam which uses a romance scam script, but with an investment spin on it, where victims ...
Cybersecurity for Startups with Josh Feinblum from Stavvy

Cybersecurity for Startups with Josh Feinblum from Stavvy

Josh Feinblum is the co-founder of Stavvy, a Boston-based fully integrated digital mortgage platform, where he leads product, engineering, people, and finance. He also serves as a venture partner at F-Prime Capital, ...
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What Does it Mean to Be Zero-Day?

A zero-day vulnerability is an as-yet-unknown computer software vulnerability, that attacks in stealth mode before security teams are aware of its presence.  Zero-day is an amorphous concept; it refers to the period ...
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Get and Keep Money: Startup Tips

How to raise funds for your new business. And keep as much of it as possible. These business startup tips are based on my personal experience. I’ve tried to make them as ...