GitHub Secret Scanning is now Free (as in Beer)

GitHub Secret Scanning is now Free (as in Beer)

Microsoft’s GitHub source control service will help stop devs accidentally embedding secrets in public code repositories. It’s a big problem ...
Security Boulevard

Deepfence Open Source Community Update — April 2022

Application security is a public good. Everyone benefits from building, operating, and using applications that are more secure. That principle led us to open source ThreatMapper in October 2021. Since the initial ...
SecretScanning in ThreatMapper 1.3.0

ThreatMapper 1.3.0: Now with Secret Scanning, Runtime SBOMs, and More

We are pleased to announce the general availability of ThreatMapper 1.3.0! Highlights from this latest release include: Secret scanning at runtimeRuntime Software Bill of Materials (runtime SBOM)A new approach to vulnerability scanningEnhanced ...