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AI, Processor Advances Will Improve Application Security

Applications may soon become more secure as code written by artificial intelligence (AI) platforms finds its way onto next-generation secure processors. Matt Jarvis, director of developer relations for Snyk, told attendees at ...
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GitHub Flaw Underscores Risks of Open Source, RepoJacking

A GitHub vulnerability was recently discovered that lets attackers seize control of a GitHub repository and infect all the applications and code that depend on it with malicious code. This vulnerability is ...
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PDF Generator’s Eternal Bond with SSRF

As part of the Application Security Assessment, we have come across the vulnerability Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) using HTML Injection, via PDF and image generator. As the vulnerability name suggests, an ...
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Spyderbat Tool Can Discover Log4j Vulnerabilities

Spyderbat is making available an open source tool that scans for vulnerable versions of the Log4j log management software for Java applications on Linux systems. Seth Goldhammer, vice president of product management ...
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Code Itself Is a Growing Security Threat

As the pace of digitization across the global economy accelerates, companies are creating more and more software. This is putting greater pressure on internal teams to deliver on schedule, within budget and ...
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10 Tips for Defending Against the OWASP Top 10

The post 10 Tips for Defending Against the OWASP Top 10 appeared first on CCSI ...
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DevOps Chat: Forrester Wave Leaders Discuss SCA

Forrester recently released its “Forrester Wave Software Composition Analysis SCA for Q2 2019,” highlighting the leaders in this fast-growing category. We had a chance to sit down with three of the companies ...
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Why bad coding habits die hard—and 7 ways to kill them

When it comes to poorly-written code, we're quick to point a finger at programmers, forgetting that they are beholden to the constraints of companies looking to push out tech product quickly. Thankfully, ...