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How to Strengthen Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

To get ahead of the adversaries in this new AI age, cybersecurity research into new generative AI attacks and defenses must be further along ...
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Checkmarx Details Potential Threats to AWS S3 Buckets

Checkmarx disclosed how cybercriminals can hijack S3 storage bucket binaries on the AWS cloud by replacing binaries with malicious ones ...
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Enhance Your Cybersecurity With An SBOM

With all the cybersecurity benefits an SBOM offers, it’s a wonder they weren’t used in the software development life cycle long ago. Today, the need for SBOMs has grown more urgent because ...
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SBOMs’ Role in Open Source Security

When the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced its guidelines to promote better security of the software supply chain, the agency touted the software bill of materials (SBOM) as “a key ...
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Lazarus Assault Via 3CX Exposes Need to Rethink Security

When North Korean threat actors the Lazarus Group exploited a legitimate update to the 3CXDesktopApp—a softphone application from 3CX—security professionals didn’t initially pick up on the import of the activity and tactics ...
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AI/ML’s Role in Software Supply Chain Security

Almost every company has felt the impact of a cybersecurity incident caused by a security breakdown in the software supply chain. According to a study by BlueVoyant, 98% of businesses were negatively ...
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A table showing information about the vulnerabilities found in Microsoft's Patch Tuesday March 2023 Security Update

Analysis: Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update for March, 2023

Microsoft March “Patch Tuesday” Addresses 86 Security Vulnerabilities Including 2 Known Exploited Vulnerabilities. On March 14th, 2023, Microsoft released their March Patch Tuesday security update, and revealed 80 vulnerability fixes, including six ...
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Wading Back Into the Software Liability Cesspool

Time must be a flat circle—it seems that every couple of years, someone brings up the topic of software liability. Just stay in one place, and soon enough, the train will come ...
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Top 10 Open Source Software Risks of 2023

Software supply chain issues continue to be a concerning subject of late. Open source software (OSS) has many benefits, yet relying on many open source dependencies could cause security woes if it ...
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