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Cybersecurity Needs to Mitigate Complexity

Complexity is the enemy of security. Akamai’s Steve Winterfeld explains what to do to combat complexity in cybersecurity ... Read More
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A Zero-Day Should Not Be a Crisis

The next time there is a zero-day sweeping the internet, your organization shouldn’t have to panic. This shouldn’t be a crisis. Instead, it should be a controlled exercise that follows a playbook that a drill has validated. While that’s easier said than done,  this proactive approach will yield long-term benefits, ... Read More
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Let’s Stop Talking About the ‘Largest’ DDoS Attack

There have been a slew of DDoS attacks recently that are serious, but to focus on the size of the latest attack is the wrong thing to do. What we need to focus on are the impacts of these attacks. Would the CFO consider the site being down for less ... Read More
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Out of the Grace Period: Trust and Communication Rises in a Post-CCPA World

Six months ago, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was put into effect, granting California residents increased rights over how their personal data is gathered and shared by the companies they interact with. Leading up to its launch, organizations expressed concern over whether they were fully compliant with the incoming ... Read More