Data protection strategy component icons.

What is a Data Protection Strategy? Components, Best Practices and Benefits

A data protection strategy regards the measures taken to help you secure mission-critical and regulated data while keeping it usable for business purposes ...
RTO vs RPO icons

RTO vs. RPO: Understanding Their Differences and Importance

Understand the difference between RTO and RPO and why both are critical parameters in analyzing the consequences of downtime on an organization ...
Dell zero trust Network Security multi-cloud zero-trustQualys multi-cloud Wi-Fi 6 access point zero-trust cloud security remote data protection

Dell Launches Project Fort Zero Service to Accelerate Zero-Trust IT Shift

Dell Technologies today launched a Project Fort Zero cybersecurity services initiative that promises to make it simpler for organizations to transition to zero-trust IT environments. The initiative is based on a reference ...
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A world map with data icons spread out geographically.

Data Sovereignty: Definition, Requirements and How to Ensure It

Data sovereignty is the idea that a country or jurisdiction can govern the data generated within its borders. Learn about its significance, challenges & more ...
High availability, represented as 99.999% uptime.

High Availability: How It Works and Why It’s Important

High availability (HA) ensures that an IT infrastructure operates continuously, even if certain components fail. Learn why it's important and how to achieve it ...
Kaseya VSA and Datto BCDR: Your First and Last Line of Defense in Cybersecurity

Kaseya VSA and Datto BCDR: Your First and Last Line of Defense in Cybersecurity

All too often, we hear about companies getting hacked and paying outrageous ransoms to keep malicious actors from disclosing theRead More The post Kaseya VSA and Datto BCDR: Your First and Last ...
Dell Western Digital My Cloud Boxes

Dell Appliance Automates Data Protection

Dell Technologies today unveiled an integrated Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance that increases cyberresilience by automatically discovering assets—including VMware virtual machines—and then taking snapshots to automatically back them up. Beginning in January, ...
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The Cybersecurity Trifecta: The Secret to Immunizing PII

How much personal information would you give up for a 99-cent taco? Unfortunately, consumers have become far too willing to hand over personal details in exchange for promotions, new apps or memberships, ...
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Asigra Malware

Asigra Aims to Better Secure Backup and Recovery

Asigra today added a content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) capability to its Tigris data protection platform to identify malware that might be hidden in files an organization is depending on to thwart ...
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Barracuda Dell data center risk fintech ransomware zero-trust data security

Barracuda Networks Extends Cybersecurity and Data Protection Portfolio

At the Secured.22 virtual conference, Barracuda Networks announced it has added a range of capabilities that collectively tighten integration across its portfolio of cybersecurity and backup and recovery platforms. Brian Babineau, chief ...
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