Laminar Adds Support for SaaS and BigQuery Data Protection

Laminar Launches Two New Solutions to Become First Full Data Security Platform for Multi-Cloud and SaaS Environments

In today’s data-driven world, cloud computing has become the backbone of innovation and growth for enterprises across all industries. With an overwhelming majority of organizations utilizing cloud services and applications, data security has emerged as a critical concern by more than 93% of organizations. To effectively protect sensitive data in the cloud, cyber security personnel must ensure comprehensive coverage across all their environments; wherever data travels, including cloud service providers (CSPs), data warehouses, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. 

Many customers have remarked that, despite using CSP-specific tools, they are left with gaps in visibility into where all their sensitive data may be. Addressing this need, Laminar has expanded its infrastructure-agnostic data protection to include Microsoft SharePoint Online and Google BigQuery in addition to its existing support for AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, making it the first cloud-native solution to support all major CSPs, data warehouses, and the dominant collaboration SaaS app. Let’s explore the significance of this and the impact it has on multi-cloud data protection.

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The Importance of Agnostic Data Security

The ever-evolving cloud landscape demands data security solutions that are infrastructure-agnostic. Data must be protected regardless of the CSP, data warehouse, or application it resides in or where it moves to. Laminar’s forward-thinking approach addresses these requirements.

Laminar’s expansion of its Data Security Platform to encompass Microsoft SharePoint Online and Google BigQuery signifies its commitment to providing end-to-end protection across the entire digital landscape. This comprehensive coverage ensures that organizations can discover, classify, and secure data consistently, regardless of its location or movement through various cloud environments. By aligning data security with data mobility, Laminar equips security and governance teams with the necessary tools to safeguard sensitive information, proactively detect violations, and ensure compliance with diverse government regulations.

Understanding the Significance of Microsoft SharePoint Online and Google BigQuery

Microsoft SharePoint Online and Google BigQuery are two powerful tools that drive innovation and business growth. Microsoft SharePoint Online, with its cloud version adopted by 65% of SharePoint customers, facilitates streamlined communication, collaboration, and automation of business processes. Similarly, Google BigQuery, as one of the top data warehouse solutions, empowers developers and data scientists to analyze vast volumes of data to uncover valuable insights.

Among the most widely adopted SaaS apps, Microsoft SharePoint Online stands out as a crucial platform for business process automation, information sharing, and interdepartmental collaboration. Laminar’s decision to integrate support for SharePoint Online allows organizations to leverage the benefits of this cloud-based solution while ensuring data security throughout its lifecycle.

Another critical aspect of comprehensive data protection is securing data warehouses, which house vast amounts of operational data used for analysis and business insights. Google BigQuery, a leading data warehouse solution, plays a pivotal role in enabling data scientists, developers, and innovators to derive maximum value from their data by analyzing customer purchase patterns, sales trends, and other critical metrics. By extending its support to include BigQuery, Laminar ensures that organizations can maintain a consistent and robust security posture while harnessing the power of data analytics. 

The Risk of “Shadow” Data

While these tools offer immense possibilities, they also introduce certain risks. One of the top concerns for data security and governance professionals is the generation of unknown or “shadow data”, often a byproduct of rapid innovation and data-driven decision-making. Such data, which exists outside the purview of an organization’s central data governance policies, can be vulnerable to unauthorized access and misuse. Therefore, it is crucial to extend data security measures to find and protect shadow data in SaaS applications and data warehouses, ensuring comprehensive data protection.

By seamlessly integrating data discovery, classification, and security measures across an organization’s entire data landscape, Laminar empowers enterprises to mitigate the risks associated with “shadow” data, addressing this top concern of data security and governance professionals.

Real-World Impact: Customer Testimonials

The impact of Laminar’s extended support for SharePoint Online and BigQuery is already being felt by organizations around the world. For global enterprises handling sensitive data subject to multiple government regulations, the ability to detect violations, prevent unauthorized disclosures, and track data movements is of paramount importance. As stated by a representative from a large customer, “Our data scientists and developers have the agility they need to innovate faster and safer, and our security and governance teams have peace of mind knowing that data is secure and compliant.” This testimonial highlights the tangible benefits of Laminar’s Data Security Platform in facilitating secure and compliant data operations.

Continued Product Innovation

Laminar’s recent enhancements, including support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Snowflake, as well as data detection and response (DDR) and data access governance (DAG) capabilities, reflect the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and a broad data security platform. By staying at the forefront of cloud-native data security solutions, Laminar ensures that organizations can tackle emerging challenges and threats effectively. The company’s agentless, asynchronous, and autonomous approach to connecting with multi-cloud environments via APIs adds an extra layer of flexibility and adaptability, making it the go-to choice for enterprises seeking robust data protection across their entire cloud ecosystem.


In an era of unprecedented cloud adoption, protecting sensitive data across multiple cloud service providers, data warehouses, and SaaS applications is paramount. With Laminar, protecting valuable customer data and intellectual property becomes seamless, reinforcing data governance practices and compliance requirements.

Laminar’s recent announcement marks a significant milestone in cloud-native data security solutions. By supporting Microsoft SharePoint Online and Google BigQuery, Laminar ensures comprehensive coverage and seamless data protection across the entire cloud landscape.  By empowering organizations to discover, classify, and secure their data consistently, Laminar sets a new standard for multi-cloud data protection. For security personnel, it is crucial to embrace solutions that enable innovation while maintaining robust data security practices. 

To learn more about Laminar’s Data Security Platform and its revolutionary capabilities, visit our platform page  or book a demo today to experience the future of multi-cloud data protection.

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