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AWS Expands Cloud Security Services Portfolio

Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week added a bevy of offerings and capabilities to its cloud security portfolio as part of an ongoing effort to automate the management of cloud security. Announced ...
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ABAC in Lambda

ABAC in Lambda

During August 2022 we published a blog discussing AWS Security Trends of 2022 , one of which was ABAC in Lambda. AWS allows administrators to use tags to designate attributes for both ...
Contrast Serverless scans AWS Lambdas as containers

Contrast Serverless scans lambdas as containers | AWS Lambda Security | Contrast Security

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Contrast Security’s Serverless helps you to find and fix security issues on AWS Lambda functions deployed as containers.  ...
Insecure deserialization in AWS Lambda

Insecure Deserialization in AWS Lambda | What is the Vulnerability and How to Avoid It? | Contrast Security

At the beginning of December, many companies worldwide were hit by the newly discovered vulnerability known as Log4Shell. The CVSS classifies this vulnerability as critical, and the impact could be very severe ...