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Why Generative AI is a Threat to API Security

Generative AI can be used to amplify cybercriminals' nefarious deeds against web applications, especially those that rely heavily on APIs ... Read More
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How to Strengthen Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

To get ahead of the adversaries in this new AI age, cybersecurity research into new generative AI attacks and defenses must be further along ... Read More
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Comparing Cloud Providers’ Shared Responsibility Models

More and more enterprises are becoming multi-cloud. And when evaluating cloud service providers (CSPs) for different needs, one important factor is security. Yet, CSPs aren’t responsible for securing everything—depending on the component in question, you may be left on your own to ensure it’s adequately safeguarded in the cloud. Thus, ... Read More
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DBIR Log4j Breach Discovery Takes 197 Days

70% of US IT Leaders Told Not to Disclose Data Breaches

Not all cybersecurity breaches get reported. A new report from Bitdefender found that although IT leaders have an obligation to report attacks, over 42% of them have been told to keep quiet when a breach should have been reported. Shockingly, in the U.S., this number rises to 70.7%. IT leaders ... Read More
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API fraud Cybereason CISOs Can Boost Their Credibility

How CISOs Can Influence API Security Change

Security incidents can cost a chief information security officer (CISO) their job. For example, cybersecurity breaches at Capital One, Uber, Equifax and plenty of others have led to the firing or forced resignation of the companies’ respective CISOs. Whether all these removals were fair is up for debate, but regardless, ... Read More
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API Attacks Rise 400% in Last Six Months

Attacks on APIs continue to rise sharply. New findings from Salt Labs found a shocking 400% increase in unique API attackers in the last six months. Interestingly, the report also discovered that nearly 80% of attacks occur over authenticated endpoints. Gartner previously predicted that APIs would soon become the most ... Read More
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Top 10 Open Source Software Risks of 2023

Software supply chain issues continue to be a concerning subject of late. Open source software (OSS) has many benefits, yet relying on many open source dependencies could cause security woes if it isn’t managed correctly. This problem has come into focus as more vulnerabilities present themselves and attacks on open ... Read More
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More API Inventory Auditing Necessary to Limit Incidents

The API industry is booming. Development of application programming interfaces has outpaced many areas of IT as APIs become the lifeblood of modern composable enterprises and digital transformation. Yet, as this surface area increases, so do potential threats — recent studies found that most companies experienced an API security incident ... Read More
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5 Techniques to Protect Open Source Software

Open source software brings many benefits to the modern business environment. And, in terms of security, the more developers involved in open source software, the better—arguably, there’s a better overall security foundation if there are more eyes to spot flaws. As such, software supply chain issues and vulnerabilities around popular ... Read More
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The Top 7 Most Common Web Vulnerabilities

Invicti has published the Spring 2022 Edition of The Invicti AppSec Indicator, a comprehensive study that ranks the most common web vulnerabilities. To conduct their research, Invicti analyzed 939 customers across the globe for flaws, discovering 282,914 direct-impact vulnerabilities. In the process, over 23 billion individual security checks were performed ... Read More
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