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Why Generative AI is a Threat to API Security

Generative AI can be used to amplify cybercriminals' nefarious deeds against web applications, especially those that rely heavily on APIs ...
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The A.I. Dilemma - March 9, 2023

Forbes Technology Council: Why Large Language Models (LLMs) Alone Won’t Save Cybersecurity

The star of the moment is Large Language Models (aka LLMs), the foundational model that powers ChatGPT. There are plenty of documented examples of truly impressive feats built on this technology: writing ...
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SlashNext Report Shows How Cybercriminals Use Generative AI

A SlashNext report detailed how cybercriminals use generative AI capabilities to launch phishing and BEC attacks in greater volume ...
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Unleashing the Power of Self-Supervised AI: Insights from 451 Research Report on MixMode’s Dynamic Threat Detection and Response

Unleashing the Power of Self-Supervised AI: Insights from 451 Research Report on MixMode’s Dynamic Threat Detection and Response

In an era where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is crucial for organizations to stay ahead of attacks. By leveraging the power of self-supervised AI, MixMode offers a game-changing solution ...
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How to Strengthen Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

To get ahead of the adversaries in this new AI age, cybersecurity research into new generative AI attacks and defenses must be further along ...
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AI in the SOC

AI does what humans can’t do alone, even with a SOC—defend against dynamic and progressive cyberattacks ...
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The chart compares three of the most popular LLM-based projects (Auto-GPT, Langchain, and GPT-Engineer), with three other non-GPT related projects from the OpenSSF critical open-source projects list (TensorFlow, Node.js, and Flutter)

Report: The Risk of Generative AI and Large Language Models

Generative AI has reshaped the digital content landscape, with Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT pushing the boundaries of what machines can create. However, as this technology rapidly enters the market, are ...

Rezilion Report Finds World’s Most Popular Generative AI Projects Present High Security Risk

NEW YORK, June 28, 2023 – Rezilion, an automated software supply chain security platform, today announced a new report, “Expl[AI]ning the Risk: Exploring the Large Language Models (LLM) Open-Source Security Landscape,” finding ...
Today’s cybersecurity health checks must identify AI-based threat risks. Does yours?

Today’s cybersecurity health checks must identify AI based threats. Does yours?

Your organization will most likely face AI based threats in cybersecurity at some point this year. And as such, you can’t rely on outdated risk assessment methodologies that struggle to keep pace ...
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IRONSCALES Brings Generative AI to Email Security

IRONSCALES this week made available in beta a tool that leverages OpenAI’s generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology to make it simpler for end users to identify suspicious emails. IRONSCALES CEO Eyal Benishti ...
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