Super Bowl Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Your Viral Moment

Super Bowl Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Your Viral Moment

The Super Bowl–where football legends rise, and brands test their grit. A showcase of the fiercest competition and advertising muscle. We tune in for the NFL’s top talent and brands’ blockbuster ads, ...
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Ten Reasons a Website Needs a CDN

Today’s website visitors expect a fast and efficient user experience with no delays or site performance issues. However, high traffic volumes and global reaching websites mean website managers are faced with the ...
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Akamai Reports Massive Spike in Malicious Domain Activity

Akamai reported today it identified nearly 79 million malicious domains in the first half of 2022, which collectively represent a little more than 20% of all the newly observed domains (NODs) accessed ...
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Akamai Reports Massive Increase in Web Apps, API Attacks

At the RSA Conference 2022 event, Akamai today published a series of reports detailing how Web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) are now favorite targets for highly organized cybercriminal gangs. In ...
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Cloudflare Adds Serverless Firewall Service

Cloudflare today revealed it has added a firewall to the services it provides on its content delivery network (CDN) that is based on a serverless computing framework. At the same time, the ...
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Akamai Acquires Guardicore for Microsegmentation Platform

Akamai Technologies today announced it has acquired Guardicore, a provider of a platform that enables IT teams to microsegment application workloads to limit the blast radius of any malware infestation, for approximately ...
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How Akamai Evolved Into a Security Vendor

In this episode of The View with Vizard, host Mike Vizard talks with Dr. Boaz Gelboard, Akamai chief security officer, about how Akamai, a longtime provider of a CDN, is now evolving ...
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World-Class OTT Streaming from MwareTV with Akamai

World-Class OTT Streaming from MwareTV with Akamai

Since the onset of the pandemic, home entertainment has never been more important. Millions of users across the globe have turned to over-the-top (OTT) streaming and live TV to bring much-needed diversion ...
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Stacking CDNs for Improved Performance and Security

I recently worked with a client whose large e-commerce site was hosted with a popular cloud-based commerce solution. Its business was growing rapidly into new geographic markets, and it was not satisfied ...

Maintaining an Energy-Efficient Edge Platform

Over the past 20 years, we've seen a lot of growth at Akamai. When I started at Akamai, we used to have traffic peaks of almost 200 Mbps. From that fledgling startup, ...