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How Audits + Testing = Long-Term Savings

Compliance audits and penetration testing play an important role in assessing, correcting and strengthening an organization’s security configuration ...
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John Oliver

Reddit Ransomware Raid Redux: BlackCat/ALPHV Demands $4.5M

And now, this: John-Oliver-pics protest won’t change Reddit policy, but will ransom demand work? ...
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Passkeys Can Make Passwords a Thing of the Past

We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with passwords. Over time, we have learned to live with them–even when, time and again, they show how bad they are at securing our ...
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Cyberattack Stigma: How Delayed Reporting Causes More Damage

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Cybersecurity leaders must detect and respond to successful attacks in ways that minimize overall damage to the organization itself. This often leads to delayed reporting that causes more damage than the attack ...
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Twitter Presses GitHub to Turn Over User Who Leaked Source Code

When Twitter joined the ranks of tech companies whose source code leaked online, it was met with little surprise and a whole lot of unease over what the leak might mean for ...
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Flashpoint CrowdStrike ransomware machine learning AI/ML for Threat Intelligence

CrowdStrike Report Maps Changes to Cybersecurity Landscape

A report published by CrowdStrike today highlighted how the cybersecurity threat landscape has shifted in the last year, with 71% of attacks detected not involving malware. In fact, the number of interactive ...
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Trust but Verify — How to Secure Identity Provider Trust Relationships

Trust but Verify — How to Secure Identity Provider Trust Relationships

Despite their best intentions, organizations find themselves contending with all too common admin sprawl throughout their apps and environments, leaving them with far more admins than they can handle securely... The post ...
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Authomize Research on Post-Holiday Account Takeovers

Discover the motives and behavior of cyber criminals and how to protect yourself with Authomize's Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) platform. The post Authomize Research on Post-Holiday Account Takeovers appeared first ...

Okta’s Source Code Stolen in GitHub Breach

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Okta’s source code was stolen in a breach of their GitHub repos, marking the 2nd significant attack on this critical IAM provider. Read how to secure your Okta with ITDR. The post ...

Lapsus$’s Breaches — A Wake Up Call for Defense of Identity in Depth

Okta, Uber, Rockstar, Samsung, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and others have all found themselves in the headlines for having been breached by the Lapsus$ crew. Claiming to be a couple of teens, this group ...