Predict 2023: Stand and Deliver

It’s that time of year again—the New Year’s ritual: Time to predict the big trends in your world for the new year. By now you have probably seen dozens of headlines, articles, videos and interviews telling you what big trends will shape the coming year. Here at Techstrong Group, our ... Read More
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Qualys Black Hat Vegas

Qualys QSC Wrap-Up: Risk and Simplicity

For many organizations, the complexity of security and compliance is still beyond their reach. Also, striking a balance between security and people, process and technology versus the risk/reward was something that both security leaders and business leaders need to confront and deal with every day. Earlier this month in Las ... Read More
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SUSE open source software supply chain SaaS lesson threat intelligence SBOM

Research Shows Extent of Organizational SBOM Readiness – Techstrong TV

The Linux Foundation Releases The State of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Cybersecurity Readiness Research which reports on the extent of organizational SBOM readiness and adoption tied to cybersecurity efforts. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Alan Shimel: Hey everyone, welcome to another TechStrongTV interview ... Read More
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traffic anomalies microsegmentation NDR network SASE K8s Network Traffic Analysis Security Goals 5g

Verica Partners with DISH for 5G Network – Techstrong TV

DISH Network Corporation will leverage the Verica Continuous Verification Platform (CVP) for Kubernetes and Kafka on its 5G Smart Network. Verica uses a chaos engineering approach to simulate adverse conditions, allowing DISH to proactively identify and fix software issues before customers experience connectivity disruption. Casey Rosenthal, CEO and cofounder of ... Read More
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Cybersecurity Appsec

Veracode’s State of the Union 2022 – Techstrong TV

| | AppSec, SBOM, Veracode
Chris Wsyopal, CTO and Co-Founder of Veracode, and Alan discuss Veracode’s continued growth, recent state of enterprise software survey results, and the appsec market conditions. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Alan: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another Tech Strong TV segment. I’m really happy to ... Read More
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OSINT, Lazarus updates firmware open source Log4j OpenSSF API security dynamic code application

OpenSSF Announces Project for Open Source Security- TechStrongTV

OpenSSF is excited to announce the Alpha-Omega Project to improve the security posture of open source software (OSS) through direct engagement of software security experts and automated security testing. Microsoft and Google are supporting the Alpha-Omega Project with an initial investment of $5 million. The video is below followed by ... Read More
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compliance security Puppet compliance data lifecycle

Secureframe Automates Security Compliance – Techstrong TV

| | Compliance, Secureframe, SOC2
Shrav Mehta, CEO and Founder of Secureframe, talks about Secureframe’s platform for security compliance automation. They automate the compliance process for certifications like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Alan Shimel: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another Techstrong ... Read More
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complexity cybersecurity vulnerability-resignation

Qualys Discovers Two Major Vulnerabilities – Techstrong TV

| | Infosec, Qualys, vulnerability
Bharat Jogi, Director of Security and Threat Research at Qualys, discusses the discovery of two recent vulnerabilities, the 12 year old Linux vulnerability in PolicyKit and easy-to-exploit vulnerability in Snap, a universal application packaging and distribution system developed for Ubuntu. The discussion will include an overview of the vulnerability and ... Read More
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MITRE Splunk DLL sideloading ransomware Iran cybersecurity attack Security

Techstrong TV: 19 Organizations Join OpenSSF

OpenSSF announced 19 new organizations have joined OpenSSF to help identify and fix security vulnerabilities in open source software and develop improved tooling, training, research, best practices, and vulnerability disclosure practices. Alan sits down with Brian Behlendorf, General Manager of OpenSSF, to learn more. The video is below followed by ... Read More
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Identity Risks - Ofer Israeli, Illusive

Techstrong TV: Introducing a New Risk Management Platform

| | Illusive, risk management
Illusive has announced the launch of its identity risk management platform, which enables organizations to automatically and continuously discover, mitigate and protect against identity risks. A new research report reveals that 1 in 6 endpoints contains unmanaged, misconfigured, or exposed identity risks that leave every organization vulnerable to attack. The ... Read More
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