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The Great Resignation Creates Great Vulnerabilities – Techstrong TV

Ben Smith, Field CTO at NetWitness, and Charlene discuss how the Great Resignation creates “The Great Vulnerability” in organizations. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Charlene O’Hanlon: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to TechStrong TV. I am Charlene O’Hanlon, and I’m here now with Ben Smith, ... Read More
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Google open source Bug Bounty Program Overhaul

Intel Expands Bug Bounty Program – Techstrong TV

Intel is expanding its Bug Bounty program with Project Circuit Breaker, bringing together a community of elite hackers to hunt bugs in firmware, hypervisors, GPUs, chipsets and more. Charlene O’Hanlon and Katie Noble discuss the first of these efforts and how Intel plans to take this initiative further. The video ... Read More
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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Trends for 2022 – Techstrong TV

With Data Privacy Week in the rearview mirror, Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director of the National Cybersecurity Alliance, and Charlene discuss some of the biggest trends in cybersecurity. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Charlene O’Hanlon: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Techstrong TV. I’m Charlene O’Hanlon ... Read More
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Smart Cities Need to Keep Cybersecurity in Mind – Techstrong TV

Karen, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist at VMware, and Charlene discuss smart city cybersecurity—why security is not baked into smart city infrastructure tech from the beginning, what the major vulnerabilities are, and how we go forward from here. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Charlene O’Hanlon: Hey, ... Read More
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Asigra Malware

Techstrong TV: How to Prepare for Highly Destructive Malware

With cyberattacks on the rise with Microsoft’s warning of a highly destructive form of malware in Ukraine and White Rabbit being linked to FIN8, Tim Van Ash, Sr. VP of Product and Technology at AutoRABIT, and Charlene discuss how to best prepare for malware and future cyberattacks on the horizon ... Read More
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Techstrong TV: Addressing Cybersecurity Tool Sprawl

The Great Resignation is adding strain on the already tight security industry labor shortage. In turn, it’s leaving companies vulnerable with limited bandwidth, even more burnt out teams and tool sprawl – with the majority of organizations having one staff member managing more than four tools. Joe Partlow, CTO of ... Read More
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Techstrong TV: GitGuardian Reports Leaked Secrets Doubled

Mackenzie and Charlene discuss the results of the GitGuardian 2022 State of Secrets Sprawl report, which shows a doubling of the number of secrets leaked from GitHub compared to 2020. The video is below followed by a transcript of the conversation. Charlene O’Hanlon: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to TechStrong TV ... Read More
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Changing the Face(s) of the Cybersecurity Workforce

Raytheon‘s Julian Zottl talks with Charlene O’Hanlon about the changing faces of cybersecurity professionals—those coming from all industries and all walks of life—and how organizations can and should go broad in their hiring practices when it comes to cybersecurity professionals, from novice to seasoned. The video is below followed by ... Read More
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Overcoming Ransomware Attacks – Techstrong TV

When crucial data is infected by ransomware, most companies try to keep it from public exposure. However, data storage company Spectra Logic has chosen to be completely transparent with its ransomware attack. Tony discusses his first-hand experience of this attack, including the signs of ransomware attacks, data storage defense tactics ... Read More
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The H4unt3d Hacker on Ukraine Crisis and Cybersecurity

Charlene O’Hanlon and the H4unt3d Hacker, Mike Jones, discuss the ongoing Ukraine crisis, what’s not being discussed about the current situation and what’s next when it comes to cybersecurity. The video is below, followed by a transcript of the conversation. This episode of Techstrong TV originally aired on February 28, ... Read More
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