The Time for Collaborative Security Is Now

As Bruce Schneier famously said, “security is a process, not a product.” We commonly see companies pour millions of dollars into cybersecurity products and tools to protect against vulnerabilities and lower risks, and yet, more often than not these ample funds are not enough to defend against attacks.

Within the span of two decades, we have seen how social power can be leveraged to benefit the masses with applications like Waze, Airbnb, Uber and many others. This same innovative idea could revolutionize the way the cyber world operates by giving security professionals the edge in identifying potential threats.

AWS Builder Community Hub

CrowdSec CEO Philippe Humeau recognizes the capabilities of crowd power to invigorate the cyber realm. The community firewall created by CrowdSec uncovers thousands of malicious IP addresses worldwide and helps cripple hacker behavior before it can evolve into major cyberattacks and data breaches. Additionally, the start up just announced it raised $5 million to help take the collaborative firewall to the next level as they work to transform the cybersecurity landscape.

In the interview below, Philippe emphasizes the benefits of collaborative, open and transparent security environments in tipping the scales against the hacking dilemma that plagues companies across the globe.

Join Philippe at DevOps Connect 2021 on May 19, during the RSA Conference, where he expands on this topic in his session “The Age of Collaborative Security.” Also, learn more about CrowdSec and see a demo of the tool during his spotlight session, “Introducing CrowdSec, The Open-Source Massively Multiplayer Firewall.”

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