red team SEC data security privacy How to Bring DevOps and Security Teams Closer Together

How to Bring DevOps and Security Teams Closer Together

More often than not, there seems to be friction between DevOps and security teams. Despite having the same end goals of creating the most secure code and preventing any potential security pitfalls, these groups of professionals often lack the unity needed to accomplish these end goals effectively and efficiently. In ... Read More
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Tines Orca Security Cisco cybersecurity critical defense end-of-life-system cyberinsurers hygiene posture SASE How the Cybersecurity Industry Changed in 2020

How the Cybersecurity Industry Changed in 2020

As a result of the global pandemic, rapid digital transformation has shifted the cybersecurity landscape into uncharted territory. The massive influx of data to the cloud as a result of the shift to remote work environments has amplified Zero Trust frameworks across the globe. In the interview below, Richard Stiennon, ... Read More
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Edge Devices data threats IT cybersecurity defense attack alerts machine identity management insider threats security phishing Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise

Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise

The cyber world has faced unprecedented challenges and changes within the last year. It has shown a need for increased visibility within the cybersecurity landscape as blended threats and vulnerabilities become the new normal for threat responders to combat.  In the interview below, Myla Pilao, head of security research communications ... Read More
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ChatGPT MSP Cunningham AI LinkedIn social media Human Factors

Eliminating the Blindspot in Cybersecurity: Human Factors

Human factors substantially contribute to security threats and vulnerabilities. These threats have the potential to be mitigated by closing the human factors knowledge gap in the cyber realm and encouraging organizations to empower their security professionals with effective training. In the interview below, Dr. Calvin Nobles, an esteemed cybersecurity scientist ... Read More
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