Microsoft (& Apple) Patch Tuesday, April 2023 Edition

Microsoft (& Apple) Patch Tuesday, April 2023 Edition

Microsoft today released software updates to plug 100 security holes in its Windows operating systems and other software, including a zero-day vulnerability that is already being used in active attacks. Not to ...
Qualys Black Hat Vegas

Qualys QSC Wrap-Up: Risk and Simplicity

For many organizations, the complexity of security and compliance is still beyond their reach. Also, striking a balance between security and people, process and technology versus the risk/reward was something that both ...
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Qualys Discovers Two Major Vulnerabilities – Techstrong TV

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Bharat Jogi, Director of Security and Threat Research at Qualys, discusses the discovery of two recent vulnerabilities, the 12 year old Linux vulnerability in PolicyKit and easy-to-exploit vulnerability in Snap, a universal ...
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Qualys Extends Scope and Reach of EDR Cloud Service

Qualys this week updated its multi-vector endpoint detection and response (EDR) service to add additional threat-hunting and risk mitigation capabilities along with improved alert prioritization capabilities. Hiep Dang, vice president of endpoint ...
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Qualys Sumo Logic

Qualys Unfurls XDR Service Based on Unified Agent

Qualys, Inc. today launched a cloud-based extended detection and response (XDR) service that relies on a single unified agent to streamline cybersecurity processes and workflows. Jim Wojno, senior director of product management for ...
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Best of 2021 – The Linux Flaw you can’t afford to Ignore (CVE-2021-3156)

Linux and Unix operating systems require regular patching like any IT system, but as security professionals, ethical hackers, and criminal hackers will tell you, regular Linux and Unix patching is often neglected.CVE-2021-3156 ...
Qualys third-party risk management

Qualys Unfurls Ransomware Risk Assessment Service

Qualys today launched a Ransomware Risk Assessment Service through which organizations can proactively identify, prioritize, track and ultimately remediate assets that are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Sumedh Thakar, Qualys CEO, said the ...
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Qualys Acquires TotalCloud to Gain No-Code Security Tool

Qualys this week announced it has agreed to acquire TotalCloud, a provider of a no-code platform that will enable cybersecurity teams to orchestrate workflows more easily across the company’s portfolio of cybersecurity ...
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Кіберполіція викрила хакерське угруповання у розповсюдженні вірусу-шифрувальника

Ukrainian Police Nab Six Tied to CLOP Ransomware

Authorities in Ukraine this week charged six people alleged to have been part of the CLOP ransomware group, a cybercriminal gang said to have extorted more than half a billion dollars from victims ...
Phillipe Courtot

Philippe Courtot: V is for Visionary

I was deeply saddened this weekend to learn of the passing of my friend Philippe Courtot, the founder, former chairman and CEO of Qualys (and several other companies before that). The word ...
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