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Google Launches Red Team to Secure AI Systems Against Attacks

Google is rolling out a red team charged with testing the security of AI systems by running simulated but realistic attacks to uncover vulnerabilities or other weaknesses that could be exploited by ...
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Safeguarding Enterprise Data | The Significance of Google’s Privacy Policy Update

Privacy and Proprietary Data Protection in the Face of Google's Policy Amendment In a noteworthy policy revision announced on July 1st, Google has made a significant update to its privacy policy, warranting ...
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Unraveling an AI Scam with AI

The last year has seen an unprecedented surge in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its deployment across a variety of industries and sectors. Unfortunately, this revolutionary technology has not just ...
FTC's Complaint Against Ring, Detecting Malware Infected Apps, America's Most Cybersecure Companies

The FTC’s Complaint Against Ring, Detecting Malware Infected Apps, America’s Most Cybersecure Companies

The FTC charged Ring, the Amazon-owned home security camera company, for compromising customer privacy and having inadequate security measures. Employees accessed private videos, while hackers exploited vulnerabilities and now Ring needs to ...
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Google Recruits Allies to Apply Generative AI to Cybersecurity

At the Google Cloud Security Summit, Google today announced that Broadcom, Crowdstrike, Egnyte, Exabeam, F5, Fortinet, Netskope, Securiti, SentinelOne, Sysdig, Tenable and Thales have all committed to using generative artificial intelligence AI ...
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Chrome Extensions Warning — Millions of Users Infected

Chrome Extensions Warning — Millions of Users Infected

Malware Déjà Vu: Perhaps as many as 87 million victims—maybe more ...
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Are Internet Providers ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Crimes?

The internet was on tenterhooks over the question of whether the U.S. Supreme Court would find that online providers like Google, Facebook and others could continue to enjoy protection under the Communications ...
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Artificial Ignorance & Pen Testing - Kevin Johnson - PSW #785

Google Now Supports Passkeys, Risky New Top Level Domains, Twitter’s Encryption Dilemma

In this episode, we explore the arrival of passwordless Google accounts that use “passkeys,” which offer enhanced usability and security. We discuss the benefits of passkeys over traditional passwords, but also why ...

Google TLDs: some security controversy

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I’ve been seeing a certain amount of panic about Google’s inclusion of .zip and .mov in its recent launch of eight new Top Level domains (TLDs). While I don’t think adding to ...
Google Chrome 3rd Party Cookies Crumbling — Finally!

Google Chrome 3rd Party Cookies Crumbling — Finally!

Om Nom Nom Nom Nom: Privacy Sandbox inching towards reality. But concerns remain ...
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