Aruba Advances IoT Cybersecurity

IoT Connected Devices Pose Significant Risk to Organizations

Security flaws in connected devices and the IoT are plaguing the digital landscape, impacting a broad range of industries ...
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Why IoT Device Security is Important

Biden Admin Eyes IoT Cybersecurity With Device Labeling Program

The Biden administration unveiled a cybersecurity certification and labeling program that will make it easier for enterprises and consumers to see which smart devices are more secure and less vulnerable to attacks ...
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The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Security of Connected Devices

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Security of Connected Devices

Today’s tech-dependent enterprises are no strangers to change. Our customers’ experiences demonstrate that familiarity daily. Whether they operate in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, education, or government, they must contend with a constantly ...
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Do You Need to Rethink AppSec With 5G?

It’s not quite everywhere yet, but 5G connectivity is growing rapidly. That’s a great thing for remote workers and anyone depending on a fast connection, but what kind of impact will 5G ...
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Finite State Adds Binary Analysis to Catch Zero-Days

Finite State this week has added a binary analysis capability that enables device manufacturers to more easily identify zero-day vulnerabilities in software. Jeff Martin, vice president of product for Finite State, said ...
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Akamai + Fingerbank: How an open source community can transform security

Isn't it amazing how seemingly simple decisions can have far-reaching effects? When the Inverse team in Montreal took over PacketFence in 2008, it was an open source (OS) solution. They recognized the ...

Cyberattacks Evolve as the Hospitality and Travel Industry Adapts

While the world fights against the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are out in full force with a multitude of scams designed to take advantage of the confusion and panic. COVID-19 has -- by ...
Healthcare: Elite Data

Healthcare: Elite Data

The healthcare industry is overwhelmingly reliant on internet-connected devices as solutions. There’s no doubt some of those devices advance patient care and even critical response. Healthcare possesses elite data making ...

Balancing Protection with Performance to Double Down on DDoS

Combating DDoS attacks with the highest quality of mitigation means having the right platform, processes, and people in place. At Akamai, we're recognized as a leader for DDoS mitigation solutions based on ...

Akamai’s Polymorphic AI Framework Preemptively Manages Bots

Too many security efforts react to threats as they come. While security teams often succeed through Herculean efforts, being constantly under siege takes its toll on your resources. The relentless barrage of ...