Aruba Advances IoT Cybersecurity

IoT Connected Devices Pose Significant Risk to Organizations

Security flaws in connected devices and the IoT are plaguing the digital landscape, impacting a broad range of industries ...
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IoT Log4j Exchange ProxyLogon OT PKI IoT security

IoT Devices Risky Business for the Enterprise

As the number and diversity of IoT devices proliferates and diversifies, organizations find themselves under constant assault from threat actors who often turn to the same attack vectors time and again. Successfully ...
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IoT Security

5 Top IoT Security Challenges and Solutions

The internet of things (IoT) is growing exponentially, with as many as 25 billion devices expected to be deployed by 2030. IoT technology has many benefits for consumers, corporations and, in particular, ...
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Attack of the Killer USBs

FBI Issues Warning on FIN7 USB Stick Exploit

The FBI issued a warning that a group of threat actors from the FIN7 cybercrime group has resorted to an old trick—mailing USB sticks loaded with BadUSB malware to companies. The packages ...
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Discovered Tablet Confirms Russian Covert Action in Libya

When you lose your device, be it a laptop, tablet or phone, what have you lost? That is the question every CISO should be encouraging employees to ask as they provision and ...
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SSD drive data drivers

Demystifying SSD Security

You left your laptop in a taxi or it was confiscated at a customs checkpoint. How do you ensure your personal or corporate data is safe? There are a number of best ...
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Cybersecurity Baseline for IoT Device Manufacturers

The pervasive impact of Internet of Things (IoT) devices on our lives is greater than that of traditional IT devices. There are several unknowns in IoT security, and it raises concerns for ...
device security

Device Security: Don’t Count on Users

When it comes to device security, companies need to be more proactive in baking in security to their software development life cycle COVID-19 forced businesses to think about cybersecurity in new ways, ...
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Palo Alto Networks risk Exabeam

UEM: Improving Device Security for Remote Workers

UEM is finding its place in corporate security in the face of the work-from-home directive brought on by COVID-19 Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, teams all over the globe have had to adjust ...
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Apple's Umbrella Factory

Apple’s Umbrella Factory

via EFF writers Jeremy Gillula & Seth Schoen, comes an outstanding piece on the recent by Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) decision to restrict ('limits' was the exact term utilized) device tracking. Today's ...