Aruba Advances IoT Cybersecurity

IoT Connected Devices Pose Significant Risk to Organizations

Security flaws in connected devices and the IoT are plaguing the digital landscape, impacting a broad range of industries ...
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mobile geofence 911 firmware

Addressing the Mobile Malware Threat With Zero-Trust

AI-enabled zero-trust solutions can help address the rising threat of mobile malware ...
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AEP browser endpoint multi-vector EDR

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP): What Are the Options?

Advanced endpoint protection, often referred to as AEP, is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to protect an organization’s endpoints, such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices, from various types of cybersecurity threats ...
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SOC Leveraging the Cloud for SOC 2 Compliance

Finding the Right Tools for Response and Visibility in the SOC

One of the more difficult tasks for a cybersecurity professional—from the CISO to the person responsible for log management in the SOC—is to convey the importance of security, compliance and governance to ...
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endpoint data Trend Micro

Upgrading Your Endpoint Management Security Strategy

The era of remote work was the catalyst for many workplace changes. As businesses navigate this landscape, IT systems are subject to a sudden increase in cybersecurity attacks. This further encouraged IT ...
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zero-trust, browser, privacy isolation SASE browser Perception Point API data security Salesforce AppSec Changing Face of Web Application Security

How a Zero-Trust Browser Helps CISOs Tackle Cybersecurity

Today’s CISOs and IT teams face unprecedented challenges—keeping up with ever more sophisticated cybercriminals, managing multiple security stacks, dealing with increasing security gaps caused by unmanaged devices in remote and hybrid work ...
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Radware Google Disneyland hacking red team testing

Radware Report Sees Religion Fueling More DDoS Attacks

A report published by Radware found that, in two months alone, hacktivists claimed to launch more than 1,800 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in the hopes of advancing various political and religious causes ...
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Crowdstrike Qualcomm threat Linux security XDR Kubernetes open source security

CrowdStrike Launches Managed XDR Service

CrowdStrike this week launched a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service that will secure entire IT environments in addition to endpoints. Tom Etheridge, chief global services officer at CrowdStrike, said the ...
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IoT Lacking Medical Device Security

How IoT Monitoring Can Enable Predictive Maintenance

The internet of things (IoT) can be used for more than just remotely turning on your coffee pot; the IoT can also seemingly predict the future. Today, companies are turning to IoT-enabled ...
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cyberattacks, nation-state, security, 5G networks, landscape, CISA SASE Security

Inseego and CyberReef Partnership Seeks to Secure 5G Mobile Access

This week, 5G enterprise cloud WAN equipment provider Inseego and mobile firewall maker CyberReef announced a partnership the two companies say will help streamline the deployment of secure 5G mobile access applications ...
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