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ChatGPT Provides Limited Help Identifying Malware

Current LLM-based tech like ChatGPT can accurately classify malware risk in only 5% of cases—and they may never be able to recognize novel approaches used to create malware ...
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FTC Investigation ChatGPT Surrounding Their Data Sources.

FTC Investigation ChatGPT Surrounding Their Data Sources.

FTC Investigation ChatGPT Surrounding Their Data Sources.2 min read·Just now--Credit: Bruce Willis: Actor: Movie: Die HardThe Washington Post reported the Federal Trade Commission is planning to investigate the data sources used by ...
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The Two Faces of AI in Identity Management

The advent of AI made identity the most-targeted part of the attack surface. But without AI, identity is a sitting duck ...
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AI in the SOC

AI does what humans can’t do alone, even with a SOC—defend against dynamic and progressive cyberattacks ...
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Class-Action Lawsuit for Scraping Data without Permission

I have mixed feelings about this class-action lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, claiming that it “scraped 300 billion words from the internet” without either registering as a data broker or obtaining consent ...
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The Virtual Digital Stranger: What ChatGPT Means for Network Security

Just as we exercise caution around human strangers until they have gained our trust, we should approach these new, AI-based virtual digital strangers the same way ...
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Writing Code with AI - Good Idea?

Writing Code with AI – Good Idea?

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In recent years, there has been a surge in the development of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots are used for various purposes, including customer service, marketing, and even code writing ...
Today’s cybersecurity health checks must identify AI-based threat risks. Does yours?

Today’s cybersecurity health checks must identify AI based threats. Does yours?

Your organization will most likely face AI based threats in cybersecurity at some point this year. And as such, you can’t rely on outdated risk assessment methodologies that struggle to keep pace ...

Between Innovation and Oversight: OpenAI Faces Global Regulatory Backlash

The last few months have seen a rapid proliferation of artificial intelligence capabilities and technological leaps. Conversational AI models like ChatGPT have been by far one of the most captivating results of ...
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AI may not Destroy the World, but There are Other Risks

For some, AI is the stuff of nightmares. Whether it’s Hal refusing to open the pod bay doors in 2001: A Space Odyssey or the wild thought experiment of Roko’s Basilisk—or even ...
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