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Beyond Technology: The Crucial Role of Culture in a CISO’s Realm

While technology still plays a vital role in job success, it's just as essential for a CISO to foster a strong security culture ... Read More
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The Security Service Edge Journey

I cannot remember a time when IT evolved faster than it has over the last few years. There’s no better example than the rapid transformation that’s occurred over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Users, devices and data are everywhere, and “work from home” is the new norm. This ubiquity ... Read More
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Securing Against Supply Chain Attacks

Anyone who has been in IT for the last decade knows the risks posed by ransomware and cyberattacks. They have been on our radar as a top concern for many years. But there have been changes. Most notably, the prevalence of attacks, specifically on large global companies, and the growing ... Read More
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Firewalls and the Plateau of Productivity

Firewalls: Something every architect is familiar with. Something that still raises many of our heart rates. At some point in your IT career, it’s likely you’ve had to deploy and configure a firewall and most likely it was a painful experience not easily forgotten. Even if this isn’t your full-time ... Read More
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