NIST CSF security ransomware

NIST Completes Satellite Command-and-Control Guidance

NIST’s popular cybersecurity framework is finally ready for space. Well, not really outer space—but it will be applied to the security of ground satellite command-and-control systems. In recent years, the security of ...
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GitHub satellite cyberattack Strontium cyberwarfare counter-drone The Legality of Waging War in Cyberspace

Space Force CIO Calls for Greater Collaboration, Secure Commercial Software

Whether it’s our navigation systems or systems that manage our everyday communications, the modern world is extremely dependent on satellites. That, of course, means satellites will increasingly become targets for attacks, including ...
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DEF CON 28 Safe Mode Saturday – James Pavur’s ‘Whispers Among The Stars’

Many thanks to DEF CON and Conference Speakers for publishing their outstanding presentations; of which, originally appeared at the organization's DEFCON 28 SAFE MODE Conference, and on the DEF CON YouTube channel ...