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The Two Faces of AI in Identity Management

The advent of AI made identity the most-targeted part of the attack surface. But without AI, identity is a sitting duck ...
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3 Ways To Build A Stronger Approach to Identity Protection

Identity-based attacks are a growing concern for organizations of all sizes and industries. Here’s how to protect yourself ...
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Microsoft Entra Expands, Azure Active Directory is Now Entra ID

Microsoft revealed its Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enterprise identity service will be rebranded Entra ID, a change that will occur by the end of the year ...
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Introducing the AppOmni SaaS Identity Fabric

Learn from our Chief Product Officer how Identity Fabric secures end-users, entitlements & threat-based activity for all of SaaS. The post Introducing the AppOmni SaaS Identity Fabric appeared first on AppOmni ...
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A Policy of All Privileged Accounts – Overkill or Common Sense?

An attacker accessing a privileged account doesn’t begin with a root or administrator account. An attack on a privileged account usually starts with the theft of an average user’s credentials. Passwords are ...
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Identity Crisis: Supreme Court Rules on ‘Identity Theft’ Penalty Enhancement

The Supreme Court attempted to define what it means to “use” without lawful authority “a means of identification” of another person ...
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CyberArk Survey Surfaces Identity Security Challenges

A global survey of 2,300 security decision-makers published today by CyberArk, a provider of a privileged access management (PAM) platform, finds that while there is a much greater appreciation for the need ...
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Identity Security a Top Priority as Threats Evolve

The need to secure digital identities is one of the biggest privacy and data issues facing organizations today, and with less than half of organizations (49%) proactively investing in securing identities, there ...
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Lacework Adds Ability to Manage and Secure Cloud Identities

Lacework today added cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) capabilities to its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). The CIEM addition provides cybersecurity teams visibility into who within an organization has permission to access ...
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Consumers Wary of Biometric Security

Early releases of identity verification and facial recognition technology have failed to deliver on the promise of trustworthy digital identification and have damaged the reputation of biometric security tech, according to an ...
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