SlashNext BEC phishing

SlashNext Report Shows How Cybercriminals Use Generative AI

A SlashNext report detailed how cybercriminals use generative AI capabilities to launch phishing and BEC attacks in greater volume ...
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Fight Fire with Fire: Using Generative AI for Proactive Defense

TechSpective Podcast Episode 108   Unless you’ve been camping off the grid for all of 2023 or recently emerged from a year-long coma, you’re most likely aware of all of the buzz ...
SlashNext To BYOD or Not BYOD

Phishing Attacks Target BYOD Through Private Messaging Apps

Employees’ personal devices pose a threat to organizations as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies cause security headaches for IT professionals, according to a SlashNext survey of 300 tech workers and employers. The study revealed ...
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SlashNext edge Using AI and ML to Win Against Fraud

SlashNext Employs Generative AI to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

SlashNext today launched a platform that makes use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to thwart business email compromise (BEC), supply chain attacks, executive impersonation and financial fraud. SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr said ...
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SlashNext Unfurls AI Platform to Prevent Phishing Attacks

SlashNext today launched a security platform that uses machine learning algorithms to identify and remove phishing attacks from email. Patrick Harr, SlashNext CEO, said the SlashNext Email Protection for Microsoft 365 provides ...
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SlashNext Security, Spam and the Future of Email

SlashNext Brings AI to Microsoft 365 Security

SlashNext today unfurled a SlashNext Email Detection and Response platform for Microsoft 365 that leverages artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning and computer vision algorithms coupled with natural language processing ...
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