SpyCloud MFA Systems Vulnerable Authentication Bypass

Concerns About Infostealer Malware on the Rise

A SpyCloud report found more than half of respondents are extremely concerned about their ability to thwart attacks that exfiltrate authentication data ...
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passwords, passkeys, 1Password passwordless credential stuffing Password We Still Use Bad Passwords

Passkeys Can Make Passwords a Thing of the Past

We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with passwords. Over time, we have learned to live with them–even when, time and again, they show how bad they are at securing our ...
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credentials holiday charitable giving Giving Tuesday

Buyers Beware: Cybercriminals Target Your Online Credentials

The data tells a compelling story for buyers worldwide: Across all industries surveyed, the most common attack methods in 2022 were stolen credentials, ransomware and phishing. And attackers are typically targeting payment ...
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identity, risk, CrowdStrike digital identitiies Identity Theft Financial Fraud Digital Age

CrowdStrike Adds Honeytokens to Deceive Cybercriminals

CrowdStrike has extended the capabilities of its Falcon Identity Protection to make it simpler to employ honeytokens to identify compromised credentials that could be used to launch a cyberattack and the tools ...
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Legion malware CyberArk browser password identity credentials

Do You Need an Enterprise Browser to Secure Your Organization?

Web browsers are a useful mechanism for handling many functions and types of media in one place, but they also present security risks and are common targets for hackers. Browser security refers ...
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law ransomware Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

When Digital Devices Meet Analog Laws: The Digital License Paradox

When California allowed car owners to opt for “digital license plates” which could be customized to add personal messages, few who opted into the new technology suspected that they were permitting the ...
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converged, identity Permiso PAM, cybersecurity, credentials, identity, security, credentials authorization PAM governance digital identity IAM authorization

How Credential Misuse Threatens Cloud Operations

Cloud-native security is a rapidly evolving section of the industry reacting to the increasing threats unique to organizations that are exclusively or primarily operating on cloud applications and platforms. In a report ...
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Extra, Extra, VERT Reads All About It: Cybersecurity News for the Week of August 1, 2022

All of us at Tripwire’s Vulnerability Exposure and Research Team (VERT) are constantly looking out for interesting stories and developments in the infosec world. Here’s what cybersecurity news stood out to us ...
identity Teleport auth AI Adoption Lags cloud bias AI identity verification Open Raven

Teleport Embraces FIDO to Eliminate IT Infrastructure Passwords

Teleport announced the latest version of its IT infrastructure access platform supports the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance web authentication standard to eliminate the need for usernames, passwords, private keys and other ...
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World Password Day is Dead. Long Live World Password Day!

World Password Day is Dead. Long Live World Password Day!

In 2002 I sat in a local bookstore in Jackson Hole, WY that offered a few Internet-connected computers for hourly use. After chatting with the owner and petting the resident store dog, ...