SpyCloud MFA Systems Vulnerable Authentication Bypass

Concerns About Infostealer Malware on the Rise

A SpyCloud report found more than half of respondents are extremely concerned about their ability to thwart attacks that exfiltrate authentication data ...
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Oracle recovery gateway, security

3 Ways to Streamline Auth, Access & Security for Oracle EBS

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a popular ERP tool for business and financial operations that uses a combination of usernames and passwords to authenticate users. This form of authentication has known weaknesses ...
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LastPass passwords credentials

Weak Passwords Offer Easy Access to Enterprise Networks

Poor password practices continue to put businesses at risk, with nearly 90% of passwords used in successful attacks consisting of 12 characters or less, indicating additional security measures are required to protect ...
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SUSE cloud Wiz Torq AirTag Skyhawk SASE security cloud security visibility PwC Survey Finds C-Level Execs Now View Cybersecurity as Biggest Risk

Organizations Lack Visibility Into Cloud Access

Do you know who is accessing your data in the cloud? According to a study conducted by Laminar, one in three respondents didn’t know if a third-party actor was able to successfully ...
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FIDO Password

Can FIDO Passkeys and Accountability Coexist?

The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance is an industry association spearheading efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate password use. To this end, FIDO promulgates standards and creates protocols intended to strengthen authentication ...
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SharePoint attack phishing employees

Attackers Work Hard to Engineer Trust; SharePoint, OneDrive Accounts at Risk

A pair of reports released this month underscore just how successful phishing is and the lengths to which adversaries will go to con victims. In the first report, Trend Micro said it ...
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identity theft IDV Strata identity segmentation IAM fraud JumpCloud

Strata Identity Proposes Standard to Simplify Identity Management

Strata Identity today launched an open source project that makes it possible to employ a common policy format to declaratively define identity and access policies—without requiring an agent, proxy software or some ...
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NTT Attivo Networks AD Red Forest, or Well-Managed Active Directory

Attivo Networks Extends Microsoft Active Directory Protection

Attivo Networks today announced it has extended Active Directory protection by adding an ability to more efficiently detect identity-based attacks at the domain controller level from all endpoints. Carolyn Crandall, chief security ...
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zero-trust Cloud Requires a New Approach to Security

Zero-Trust in the Intracloud

As organizations increasingly integrate their cloud and data center ecosystems and accelerate the move to hybrid cloud environments, the risks presented by this dynamic, complex IT landscape will become all the more ...
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Palo Alto XDR

Palo Alto Networks Extends Reach of Cortex XDR Platform

Palo Alto Networks this week updated its Cortex extended detection and response (XDR) solution to include support for additional cloud platforms as well as the ability to analyze identity data to surface ...
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