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Tines Adds Tool to Customize Automated Cybersecurity Workflows

Tines added a case management tool to its no-code automation platform that makes it simpler for cybersecurity teams to track individual incidents, investigate security breaches and manage response activities ...
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A Zero-Day Should Not Be a Crisis

The next time there is a zero-day sweeping the internet, your organization shouldn’t have to panic. This shouldn’t be a crisis. Instead, it should be a controlled exercise that follows a playbook ...
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Considering the Cost of Failure in Security Operations

How do you measure the cost of failure? This was a question posed by SecureIQLab’s VP of Research and Corporate Relations, David Ellis, and senior analyst Randy Abrams, during a conversation at ...
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The FBI Could Help Retrieve Your Data After a Ransomware Attack

To pay or not to pay? That is the question leadership and security teams ask whenever they deal with a ransomware attack. The recommendation from the FBI is to not pay, stating ...
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Failure to Pay Ransom: Negligence?

Lehigh Valley Health Network is a health care network based in Allentown, Pennsylvania that serves the eastern and northeastern part of the state. On February 6, 2023, LVHN was hit with a ...
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How Poker Skills Help Guide Ransomware Payment Decisions

A ransomware attack does more than just hold your data hostage. It can create situations that end up crippling your organization’s ability to move forward or make good, effective decisions quickly. Even ...
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Survey: Reactionary Cybersecurity is Misaligned With Business Goals

A global survey of 409 cybersecurity and IT decision-makers from companies with at least 250 employees suggested that while there is a lot more attention being paid to aligning cybersecurity strategy with ...
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‘Sophisticated’ Threat Actor Stole GoDaddy Code

Threat actors lingered in GoDaddy’s systems, installing malware and stealing source code in a security incident that lasted years. After receiving complaints from a few customers in December that their websites were ...
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DPRK Advisory: How to Better Protect Your Organization From State-Sponsored Ransomware

DPRK Advisory: How to Better Protect Your Organization From State-Sponsored Ransomware

A new advisory outlines the TTPs state-sponsored DPRK cyber threat actors use to hold organizations ransom. Here’s our guidance on ransomware prevention, readiness, and response. The post DPRK Advisory: How to Better ...

How Can K-12 Schools Defend Against Ransomware?

The cybersecurity challenges in the government and education space are nothing new. Such challenges soared with COVID and continue today. Unfortunately, the cyber defense of mission-critical government and education services has not ...