Biden Admin. Adds ‘Mercenary Spyware’ Firms to Ban List

Biden Admin. Adds ‘Mercenary Spyware’ Firms to Ban List

European cousins Intellexa and Cytrox essentially banned by Commerce Dept. — Predator/ALIEN not welcome in U.S ...
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ChatGPT Spyderbat Lacework Zerologon Malware Complacency

ChatGPT Provides Limited Help Identifying Malware

Current LLM-based tech like ChatGPT can accurately classify malware risk in only 5% of cases—and they may never be able to recognize novel approaches used to create malware ...
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industrial Colonial Pipeline critical infrastructure OT Utilities

Russia Expected to Increase Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Russia’s war strategy increasingly involves cybersecurity, with the country expected to ramp up attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine and countries that are members of NATO, according to Switzerland’s Federal Intelligence Service ...
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email cyber, resilience, Dell Lacework Adds Time Series Modeling to Cybersecurity Platform

A Look at the Email Threat Landscape in Q1 2023

VIPRE's Email Threat Trends Report for Q1 2023 analyzed 1.8 billion emails to provide a comprehensive understanding of contemporary email threats ...
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GPT OpenSSF AI ML Darktrace Concentric supply chain Palo Alto AI partnership ai

The Two Faces of AI in Identity Management

The advent of AI made identity the most-targeted part of the attack surface. But without AI, identity is a sitting duck ...
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Cybersecurity skills in high demand

Protect Your Systems from Malicious Packages: What You Need to Know

Malicious packages are a growing threat to businesses and organizations of all sizes. These packages are often disguised as legitimate software, but they can contain harmful code that can steal data, install ...
Red Menshen budgets semiconductor data, secure, conflict, oil security tools budget dark, web, threat

APT Group Red Menshen is Rapidly Evolving its BPFDoor Malware

Red Menshen is an APT group that is rapidly evolving its BPFDoor backdoor malware that targets systems running Linux or Solaris ...
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mobile geofence 911 firmware

Addressing the Mobile Malware Threat With Zero-Trust

AI-enabled zero-trust solutions can help address the rising threat of mobile malware ...
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“Quoi...? feur” from meme to malware – PyPI package targets Windows with ‘NullRAT’ info-stealer

“Quoi…? feur” from meme to malware – PyPI package targets Windows with ‘NullRAT’ info-stealer

We’ve got a rather interesting malicious finding this month to talk about, the one that mixes a meme with malware ...
SlashNext BEC phishing

SlashNext Report Shows How Cybercriminals Use Generative AI

A SlashNext report detailed how cybercriminals use generative AI capabilities to launch phishing and BEC attacks in greater volume ...
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