Legion malware CyberArk browser password identity credentials

Malware Devs Update Legion Hacktool, Boost Capabilities

A recently discovered cloud-focused malware tool has seemingly been updated with additional functionality ...
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Behind the Screens: Exposing the Diverse Range of Daily Cyber Attacks

In today’s interconnected world, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, the threat of cyber attacks looms large. Behind the screens, a vast array of cybercriminals and malicious actors are constantly ...
Checkmarx sonrai burnout vacation beach remote work

Checkmarx Details Potential Threats to AWS S3 Buckets

Checkmarx disclosed how cybercriminals can hijack S3 storage bucket binaries on the AWS cloud by replacing binaries with malicious ones ...
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FTC's Complaint Against Ring, Detecting Malware Infected Apps, America's Most Cybersecure Companies

The FTC’s Complaint Against Ring, Detecting Malware Infected Apps, America’s Most Cybersecure Companies

The FTC charged Ring, the Amazon-owned home security camera company, for compromising customer privacy and having inadequate security measures. Employees accessed private videos, while hackers exploited vulnerabilities and now Ring needs to ...
ChatGPT copyright robots continuous intelligence

ChatGPT Spreads Malicious Packages in AI Package Hallucination Attack

A newly discovered ChatGPT-based attack technique, dubbed AI package hallucination, lets attackers publish their own malicious packages in place of an unpublished package. In this way, attackers can execute supply chain attacks ...
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cosmicenergy Akamai malware

COSMICENERGY Malware May be Artifact of Russian Emergency Response Exercises

Malware intended to disrupt electric power by remote terminal units (RTUs) and other IEC 104 devices and may be related to Russian emergency response exercises. The new operational technology (OT)/industrial control system ...
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Operation Triangulation: Zero-Click iPhone Malware

Kaspersky is reporting a zero-click iOS exploit in the wild: Mobile device backups contain a partial copy of the filesystem, including some of the user data and service databases. The timestamps of ...
Microsoft ransomware AWS Spring4Shell flaws vulnerabilities WhiteSource Python

The FBI Could Help Retrieve Your Data After a Ransomware Attack

To pay or not to pay? That is the question leadership and security teams ask whenever they deal with a ransomware attack. The recommendation from the FBI is to not pay, stating ...
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Chrome Extensions Warning — Millions of Users Infected

Chrome Extensions Warning — Millions of Users Infected

Malware Déjà Vu: Perhaps as many as 87 million victims—maybe more ...
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energy dark web intelligence Dark Side Quantum Computing

Dark Web Threats Target Energy Industry as Cybercrime Tactics Shift

The energy industry is increasingly targeted by malicious actors and threat groups through activity on the dark web, according to a report from Searchlight Cyber, which detailed numerous instances of threat actors selling initial ...
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