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EU: Let the (Cyberwar) Games Begin

“Let the games begin!” was heard at 2017 Council of the European Union meeting held in Tallinn, Estonia in early September. Various defense ministers and their national security teams participated in the 2017 CYBRID cyberwar exercise as part of the intergovernmental cooperation on cybersecurity. The scenario, according to Reuters, included ... Read More
Global Voting Susceptible to Shenanigans

Global Voting Susceptible to Shenanigans

You did your civic duty and voted. Voting is important. Election results are pouring in and you’re glued to the internet watching the tabulations. This exercise is occurring around the world with regular cadence. Sometimes with outcries of shenanigans. Now, depending upon where you might be sitting your vote may ... Read More
Uber, Waymo and Their Billion-Dollar Showdown

Uber, Waymo and Their Billion-Dollar Showdown

The ongoing court saga between Alphabet’s Waymo and Uber concerning the alleged intellectual property theft by Uber continues to evolve. Those on the couch with popcorn have not been disappointed. The most recent revelation to spill from the court proceedings is the amount Alphabet has invested in its autonomous car ... Read More
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Russian Criminal Monetized Identity Theft for $50 Million

With the plethora of data breaches that have occurred over the past five years reaching a crescendo with the Equifax breach, it should surprise no one that a criminal’s end goal is the use of identity theft to effect monetization. Yes, each piece of personal identifying data, financial data or ... Read More
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IRS Tax Fraud and IRS’s Woeful Cybersecurity

In late July, the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) issued the results of audit on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and its woeful state of information security, a state which continues to allow tax fraud to be committed. If one was to summarize the results of audit, the GAO took ... Read More