Asbestos tests help you to safeguard your health

Asbestos was one of the popular materials used in construction industry until 1978. Asbestos was popularly used for covering the roof because it was heat and flame resistant. But, later researchers found that asbestos gradually begins to flake, and it gets released into the atmosphere as microscopic asbestos. Inhaling the microscopic asbestos can cause serious ailments, including cancer. Keeping the health hazards in mind, the use of asbestos is strictly banned in most of the countries across the world. According to the news posted by ‘News NY’ on August 4, 2016, recently microscopic asbestos was found in one of the Brisbane office towers and also in Perth Children’s hospital. As a result, asbestos testing Brisbane Northside wide has been taken up in about 68 buildings, including some buildings in Sydney.

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Service available to one and all:

Considering the seriousness of the issue, federal government has authorized several accredited laboratories to conduct asbestos testing Brisbane Northside wide and also in other parts of Australia.  By identifying the accredited laboratories, the government intends to ensure that asbestos testing facility can be easily accessed by everyone. It may be home, school, hospital, recreation club, the asbestos testing laboratories undertake to conduct tests in every building where asbestos is used.

Two types:

The asbestos testing Brisbane Northside professionals conduct includes testing of all kinds of asbestos; whether they are bound firmly or loose. For example, asbestos is normally bound firm in flat and corrugated cement roofing, thermal boards used around flame place, exterior of fiber cement cladding and so on. On the other hand, asbestos is bound loose in textured paints, decorative ceiling, ceiling insulation and loose-fill roof.

Test in the interests of health of people:

Asbestos affects the health of not only those living in the building but also of those persons working on products where asbestos is used. It is for this reason recently asbestos testing Brisbane Northside organization decided to conduct tests on three buildings in Canberra where roof panels procured from a company by the name Yuanda, China, have been used. Ironically, in China use of asbestos is legal. However, the secretary, Construction Forestry, Mining and Energy sector Union (CFMEU) construction division has pointed out that asbestos testing has been taken up as a matter of great precaution and in the best interests of the health of people living in the building.

Detailed analysis:

The asbestos testing is an extensive procedure. In the first place experts of Brisbane asbestos testing will make a thorough inspection of the building and find out the possible places where asbestos has been used. If asbestos is found to be used, then the experts will examine the severity of damages caused to the asbestos.

Scan the environment:

Now, the experts which conduct asbestos testing Brisbane wide will collect samples of asbestos, which are tested according to the established procedures. Further, the experts will also scan the environment in the building using modern state of art machineries.

Safety in disposal of asbestos:

Further, if you want to dismantle any of the portions of the building where asbestos has been used, then you will have to call for the services of expert accredited asbestos testing laboratories. The experts will examine the asbestos and provide suitable guidance as regards safe removal and disposal of asbestos.