Clever Tips On How To Retain Your White Smile After A Teeth Whitening Procedure

Today, professional teeth whitening is very common and can be obtained from almost any cosmetic dental clinic in the country, e.g. A teeth whitening procedure allows you to acquire a radiant white smile and the high self-confidence that comes with it. However, even after you have received a teeth whitening Adelaide has for you, it’s possible for your teeth to start discolouring after a while. That be as it may, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you keep your smile white for as long as you can. They are:

Brush at least twice a day

The power of brushing should never be underestimated, especially in regards to keeping your teeth white and clean. The reason why teeth start to turn yellow is as a result of plaque and tartar resulting from food particles build-up around the teeth. If regular brushing is observed, such buildup can be prevented and your teeth can remain as white as the enamel coating on them. With that in mind, ensure to brush in the morning and before going to bed. Morning brushing removes any present plaque and prevents bad breath while night brushing helps to get rid of any food particles accumulated in the mouth throughout the day.

Avoid teeth-staining foods and beverages

Another reason why your teeth could go back to their yellowish colour even after a teeth whitener treatment is because of certain foods and beverages that have strong colours that tend to stain the teeth. This includes items such as coffee and wine. Such foods often stain the teeth gradually so care is needed not to indulge in them too much.

Rinse mouth after eating sugary foods

Another tip on how to keep your teeth white after teeth whitening Adelaide has today is to rinse your mouth anytime you take sugary foods or drinks. Sugary edibles such as soda, cake, sweets or ice cream tend to leave lots of sugar in your mouth and around the teeth. This sugar then attracts oral microorganisms to consume it and this process often leads to teeth decay. As you can imagine, tooth decay can grossly ruin the look of your white teeth. However, if you rinse your mouth afterwards, much of that sugar is washed off and removed away from the teeth. If possible, you can go a step further and use dental mouthwash or even brush your teeth altogether.

Avoid use of drugs

Last but not least, you can keep your teeth white for longer after the teeth whitening Adelaide clinics offer if you avoid consuming drugs (narcotics). Most narcotics are harmful, not only to your body, but to your teeth as well. They will cause different cosmetic damage to your teeth, e.g. discolouration, staining, and even decay. Common drugs that are known to cause such adverse oral damage include PCP, meth, and tobacco. If you do partake in the consumption of these drugs, therefore, try to refrain as much as possible, albeit for the sake of your white smile.

For more tips on how to keep a white dazzling set of teeth in your mouth, talk to your cosmetic dentist. They will be glad to help you keep your teeth clean and healthier for longer.