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Hire a Nanny for Your Children from AIFS Au Pair

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According to the 2016-17 data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, childcare is perceived as a common barrier for women to participate in the labour market. Despite an increase in female participation in the workforce, childcare remains a huge challenge for them. This makes a nanny agency Melbourne has vital to mothers who wish to work.

This perceived barrier can be easily remedied with the assistance of nannies.

Some mothers, however, prefer to look after the children, resulting in their hesitation to hire nannies. Others don’t trust having strangers around their children.

Well, why not hire from a unique kind of Melbourne nanny agency?

AIFS Au Pair is a different kind of nanny agency in Melbourne in the sense that you do not hire a nanny but host one.

How does this work?

  • An au pair from another country will be matched to you and will live with you and look after your children for 40 hours per week.
  • As payment, you provide them full board and pocket money.
  • Minimum placement of au pairs is 6 months and can extend up to 12 months.
  • Throughout the process, AIFS Au Pair will provide the support you and your new nanny need.

How do you know if an au pair can really take care of your children?

This particular nanny agency Melbourne has pre-vets au pairs to ensure they are equipped with childcare skills and knowledge.

For an au pair to be accepted into the program, they must have a minimum of 200 hours reference childcare, 2 verified references, detailed information about their childcare experience, and videos, photos, and host family letter.

Most importantly, they must complete a one-on-one interview with AIFS and pass the ChildWise-accredited screening for child protection and safeguarding.

What makes a nanny from AIFS different?

Because the organisation is not your ordinary nanny agency Melbourne has, your family and your au pair will share a different set of benefits.

Apart from affordable childcare and the convenience of having an extra set of hands, cultural enrichment is added into the mix. Your family will gain invaluable insight and your children will have a wonderful learning experience.

They would also learn more about the world beyond where they live, resulting in a broader horizon.

Your au pair, on the other hand, will be able to immerse in the Australian culture and experience life in Melbourne. This will also broaden their horizon and help them appreciate the world more.

How to find nanny agency Melbourne?

AIFS Au Pair is accessible online. To hire an au pair:

  • Complete the online application and pay the service fee.
  • Choose an au pair from the profiles that the agency will send to you. Know that each profile matches your family’s requirements.
  • Prepare for the arrival of your au pair. You will receive an AIFS Au Pair Handbook to help you through the process.

AIFS has 50 years of experience in delivering cultural exchange programmes that are of quality and value to all parties involved. You are assured of safe and high-quality childcare so you can go to work and leave your children behind with confidence. See more at https://www.aifs.com.au/au-pair-live-in-nannies-agency-melbourne/