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Fashion Mistakes Older Women Should Avoid


As a mature lady, you should continue to be proud of your body even as you acquire more wrinkles over the years. No one is allowed to stop you from celebrating your personal sense of style through designer clothing for mature women or anything of the sort. At the same time, you must properly address any fashion concerns specific to your age group. You won’t want to commit any of the following faux pas that could make you appear older or bigger than you are, after all.

designer clothing for mature women

Wearing Fleece Everywhere

A cosy fleece jacket is great for when you’re walking the dog but not when you’re having lunch with friends or eating dinner out. A chunky cardigan or a structured coat in a neutral colour and classic style would be a much better choice. Just take a look at Australian designer clothing for mature women and you’ll realise that you actually have plenty of other options than fleece.

Choosing Bright Makeup

The combination of fuchsia lipstick with orange eyeshadow may have been in style a few decades ago but it’s certainly a ghastly thing today. Simply steer clear of anything that is too colourful for your everyday look. When you want something a bit more fabulous for a special occasion, opt for glitter instead. It would match better with designer clothing for mature women in Australia than something neon, that’s for sure.

Keeping Old-Fashioned Skirts

Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher are both lovely women but you will not want to get style inspiration from them for your OOTDs. Seeing as there’s a difference between being classic and old-fashioned, why not look at what Anna Wintour or Meryl Streep are wearing instead? For sure, they own only designer clothing for mature women but the financial investment will be worth it as they tend to last longer than what you could get at the shopping mall.

Squeezing Into Denim Skirts

Most denim skirts tend to be tight-fitting and uncomfortable. Unless you still have an hourglass figure that could rival those of younger ladies, you should avoid any apparel that’s clingy. They’ll only dig into your skin and emphasize any flab. The good news is that you can find designer clothing for mature women in Australia that look similar to denim but are made of softer fabrics. Plus, they usually have an A-line cut so you can walk comfortably instead of waddle like a duck.

Some of you might be thinking that there should be no such thing as a fashion gaffe for older ladies and that everyone should simply be accepted for who they are regardless of what they wear. That’s a totally acceptable opinion but not everyone feels the same.

Many older women have active lives today and want to don designer clothing for mature women the right way so they look and feel their best. Making them more aware of faux pas helps them achieve that. If you’re still unsure about what to wear, browse through the collection from Kathleen Berney. You’ll never go wrong with any of their clothing items. More info at https://www.kathleenberney.com.au/designer-fashion-clothing-for-older-mature-women/