Seven Common Lateral Movement Techniques

Inside the Attacker’s Playbook: Unmasking the most common lateral movement techniques   Lateral movement techniques refer to the methods employed by attackers to move through a network, seeking to escalate privileges, access sensitive data, or achieve persistence. A common and insidious practice, making the most of the common lateral movement techniques ... Read More

Maximizing Cybersecurity ROI

Maximizing ROI from your cybersecurity investments is key to getting the best out of your security stack  “Times being what they are,” cybersecurity investments aren’t an option anymore – they’re a necessity. Even organizations that don’t operate on tight budgets have finite budgets non the less, and everyone from accountants ... Read More

The Strategic Advantage of a Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Approach

Adopting a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy has become an imperative like never before   As we all know, cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and pervasive, posing an immense challenge to businesses. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to implement a multi-layered cybersecurity approach. This proactive strategy involves deploying a series ... Read More
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How to Stay Up on Cybersecurity Trends

Staying up on the cybersecurity trends and the things CISOs and IT security practitioners need to know for optimal protection  Six years ago, I knew very little about the world of cybersecurity, especially the current cybersecurity trends, the unique needs of CISOs and practitioners, the limitations of busy security teams, ... Read More

How to Mitigate Threats to a Content Delivery Application

Learn the top 9 ways to stop cybersecurity threats to your content delivery application  A content delivery application is a software or system that efficiently distributes various digital content to end-users. Its primary purpose is to deliver content, such as web pages, images, videos, audio files, software updates, or any ... Read More

Preventing Cybersecurity Privilege Creep

How can organizations take a proactive approach to cybersecurity privilege creep?   Cybersecurity isn’t just about defending against external threats; it’s equally about managing internal vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity ‘privilege creep’ is a term used to describe the gradual accumulation of access rights beyond what an individual needs to perform their job. This ... Read More
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How Can Organizations Manage Technical Debt?

Organizations need to manage technical debt, but why, and what is the best process for successful mitigation? Technical debt is a term that comes from software development, but its significance extends far beyond the developer’s desk. It carries ramifications for business operations, security, and long-term strategy. But what exactly is ... Read More

Achieving Zero Trust Network, Application, and Cloud Security with Linux

How can organizations achieve zero trust best practices when using a Linux environment?  As so many organizations increasingly adopt zero trust security models to protect their networks, applications, and cloud environments, Linux – a darling of open-source systems much beloved by developers and practitioners – plays a vital role in ... Read More

Unraveling NIS2 Compliance

An overview and guidelines for simple NIS2 compliance Safeguarding an organization from the bad actors out there is no small feat – and keeping up to date with the latest local and international compliance standards is a constant minefield. Emerging on the frontline of the cybersecurity arena, the NIS2 Directive, ... Read More

Why Insider Risk Cybersecurity Should be a Major Concern

Why every organization should be concerned about insider risk cybersecurity and what we can do about it  The importance of securing an organization against cyber threats has never been more critical. However, one prevalent but often overlooked vulnerability lies not with faceless external hacktivists and nation-state bad actors but within ... Read More