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John Oliver

Reddit Ransomware Raid Redux: BlackCat/ALPHV Demands $4.5M

And now, this: John-Oliver-pics protest won’t change Reddit policy, but will ransom demand work? ...
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A New Ransomware Scam: Fraud by the Incident Responders

In February 2018, Oxford Biomedica, a large biological research company in Oxford, UK, was hit by a ransomware attack. The hackers were demanding more than £300,000 in ransom. Oxford invoked its incident ...
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2023 Cybercrime Prevention Playbook

Crypto Scams

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Crypto Scams: How Arkose MatchKey Bankrupted the Efforts of a Russian Hacker “My partners and I lost time and money while Arkose Labs introduced new precautions on Twitter.” – anonymous spammer In ...

Strengthening Crypto Account Security: Beyond SMS 2FA

As Bitcoin Week kicks off in Miami today, we are reminded the rise of cryptocurrencies is revolutionizing the financial landscape and providing individuals with unprecedented control over their digital assets. However, this ...
Trends and Predictions of Growing Cryptocurrency Cyberattacks

Trends and Predictions of Growing Cryptocurrency Cyberattacks

Cryptocurrencies will almost certainly continue adoption and further adaptation despite the large 2022 downturn. Growth of the ecosystem and changes underway in 2023 carry important implications for cyberattack risk to both end ...
FireTail digital identity decentralized Entitle API identity credential theft

Decentralized Identity: Gaining Security and Trust for Digital Identities

Our modern digital world has proven that the current way of managing identity in cyberspace needs to change. If your digital identity is compromised by your activity online, it’s a safe bet ...
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Mirror Trading International's Cornelius Johannes Steynberg and his $3.4 Billion USD Default Judgement

Mirror Trading International’s Cornelius Johannes Steynberg and his $3.4 Billion USD Default Judgement

Some of you may have heard that students in UAB's Investigating Online Crimes class have been researching Crypto Investment Scam websites.  You can find a list of some of the sites we've ...

The Quantum Computer Bogeyman

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Peter Gutmann of the University of Aukland recently published a parable “On the Heffalump Threat.” He pokes fun at the R&D cottage industry trying to achieve a practical quantum computer and at ...
cryptocurrency AI is Securing Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Phishing Threats Luring New Victims 

Cryptocurrency-related phishing attacks are on the rise, with a report from Kaspersky recording an increase of 40% in 2022 compared to the previous year. This was among the many findings in the ...
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Scams Lost US $10 BILLION in 2022 — Crypto Fraud Grows Fast

Scams Lost US $10 BILLION in 2022 — Crypto Fraud Grows Fast

Ben is disappointed: FBI reports huge rise in cryptocurrency investment scams. Why am I not surprised? ...
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