QR codes ransomware, attacks, RaaS, SlashNext ransomware phishing attack

The Rise of QR Codes Spurs Rise in ‘Fresh Phish’

Miscreants have ramped up their use of QR codes to phish for credentials, according to INKY threat researchers ... Read More
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industrial Colonial Pipeline critical infrastructure OT Utilities

Russia Expected to Increase Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Russia’s war strategy increasingly involves cybersecurity, with the country expected to ramp up attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine and countries that are members of NATO, according to Switzerland’s Federal Intelligence Service (FIS). “The war in Ukraine represents a threat with partially global implications for critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure outside ... Read More
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cisco Cyber Kill Switch

Cisco Nexus 9000 Users Must Disable Encryption to Dodge Vuln

There is no workaround or patch for a high-severity vulnerability—and none will be forthcoming—in Cisco’s Nexus 9000 series switches ... Read More
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ransomware port

Lockbit 3.0 Claims Credit for Ransomware Attack on Japanese Port

After a ransomware attack shuttered operations at container terminals at the Port of Nagoya in Japan, the Lockbit 3.0 ransomware gang claimed responsibility and demanded the port pay up. The attack on the port, which is responsible for 10% of the country’s cargo trade and is used by companies like ... Read More
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Pepsi PBV data breach deep fakes Astoria Company hack

Third Party Lets Pepsi Data Out of the Bottle, PII Nicked

Current and former contractors and employees at Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC (PBV) were victims of a security incident that exposed their personal information ... Read More
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cloud EU GDPR Checklist

As Goes GDPR, So Goes AI: EU Leads With Proposed AI Law

The EU has proposed legislation that would govern the use of AI and could be used for a blueprint by other countries looking to put guardrails around the technology ... Read More
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White House CISA open source cybersecurity low-code/no-code application CISA cybersecuity threat cybersecurity fellowship web app election security government

CISA Pressures Federal Civilian Agencies to Secure Network Devices

CISA put federal civilian agencies on notice that they were expected to secure network devices within 14 days of discovering they had been exposed on the internet ... Read More
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Legion malware CyberArk browser password identity credentials

Malware Devs Update Legion Hacktool, Boost Capabilities

A recently discovered cloud-focused malware tool has seemingly been updated with additional functionality ... Read More
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health care, data, cloud, quantum, medical device healthcare encryption zero-trust health care CISO Talk - Healthcare and Cyber - cybersecurity - cyber threats - cyberattack

PharMerica Breach: The Lure of Health Care Data

Two months after noticing suspicious activity in its systems, PharMerica disclosed that nearly six million patients had their health care data stolen by threat actors. The large pharmacy services company, which has more than 2,500 locations in the U.S., filed a data breach notification in May 2023. PharMerica noted that ... Read More
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ChatGPT copyright robots continuous intelligence

ChatGPT Spreads Malicious Packages in AI Package Hallucination Attack

A newly discovered ChatGPT-based attack technique, dubbed AI package hallucination, lets attackers publish their own malicious packages in place of an unpublished package. In this way, attackers can execute supply chain attacks through the deployment of malicious libraries to known repositories. The technique plays off of the fact that generative ... Read More
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