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Dell Adds Orchestration Capabilities to Data Protection Platform

Dell Technologies added orchestration capabilities to its data protection software that makes it simpler for IT teams to schedule backup ...
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House Panel OK’s Bill to Ban Law Enforcement from Buying Data from Brokers

Legislation that would ban law enforcement and federal agencies from buying consumer data from data brokers without a warrant is on its way to the full House ...
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Why Identity Should Be At The Centre of Your Customer Strategy

Why Identity Should Be At The Centre of Your Customer Strategy

Dive into the vital role of identity in your customer strategy. Explore how leveraging identity data can revolutionize personalization, establish trust, ensure seamless experiences across channels, drive data-driven decision-making, and maximize customer ...
Laminar Adds Support for SaaS and BigQuery Data Protection

Laminar Adds Support for SaaS and BigQuery Data Protection

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Laminar Launches Two New Solutions to Become First Full Data Security Platform for Multi-Cloud and … The post Laminar Adds Support for SaaS and BigQuery Data Protection appeared first on Laminar ...
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The Virtual Digital Stranger: What ChatGPT Means for Network Security

Just as we exercise caution around human strangers until they have gained our trust, we should approach these new, AI-based virtual digital strangers the same way ...
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As Goes GDPR, So Goes AI: EU Leads With Proposed AI Law

The EU has proposed legislation that would govern the use of AI and could be used for a blueprint by other countries looking to put guardrails around the technology ...
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IRONSCALES Brings Generative AI to Email Security

IRONSCALES this week made available in beta a tool that leverages OpenAI’s generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology to make it simpler for end users to identify suspicious emails. IRONSCALES CEO Eyal Benishti ...
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Survey Surfaces Multiple Cloud Security Contradictions

A survey of 500 security, IT and engineering professionals published today found that nearly half (49%) experienced a data breach resulting from unauthorized access to a cloud computing environment. A full 80% ...
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Hacking IT Incidencts 2009 2023

In Healthcare Organizations, Data Security Risks Persist Despite HIPAA Compliance

In a recent blog post, we discussed the extraordinarily powerful “perfect storm” of cyber risk faced by healthcare organizations today. This storm is escalating in size, force, and risk levels. The Health ...
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AWS Expands Cloud Security Services Portfolio

Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week added a bevy of offerings and capabilities to its cloud security portfolio as part of an ongoing effort to automate the management of cloud security. Announced ...
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